Inspired by the process - RINGS

by Carol

The rings are a labor of LOVE. They take days to finish, require the most muscle, and you can melt one on the last step and have to start all over. 

Each ring starts with the bezel making process. Stones are selected, and then custom fit bezels are formed. 

The ring bands are each hand made to size from solid strips of sterling silver or extra heavy wire. Depending on the band style, each one is hammered, stamped, textured and soldered into a circle. 

Finally it's time to solder the bezels to the bands before setting the stones. (remember not to melt the piece here)

Soon they're ready to polish and become members of the ever popular "RING BOX" in the booth. 

You'll see a crowd hovering around the ring box at all the craft fairs. Ladies are trying on each one to find the perfect piece & the children are fascinated with the rice that holds the rings up in the box, happiness all around! On the warm days, you may feel a sense of panic at the box, after our fingers swell from being in the sun all day, sometimes a ring might not want to come off. Don't worry, I always have some shea butter handy, we've never had one permanently stuck yet. 

Nothing makes me happier than to see the smile on someone's face when they have found "the one", it's magical. 


I hope you can come by one of the craft fairs,  and see these cuties in person. Somehow they're even more beautiful in the sunlight and in person. Check the "Come see us here" page above to see where I'll be next. 

Hope to see you soon, thank you!